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Article: “How Can We Optimally Set Up a Manual Wheelchair for Everything the User Needs to Do?” Deborah L. Pucci, PT, MPT, Curt Prewitt, MS, PT, ATP

.1 CEU Volume 3, 2024


“Safety Beds 101” Adam Davis, National Sales Manager for Beds by George

.1 CEU - Thurs. 06-06-2024


07-23-24 “HCPCS Coding: The Impact on Access to Assistive Technology” Rita Stanley

.1 CEU - Thurs. 07-23-2024


“CRT Repair Practice Guidelines-Why It Matters” Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS, Andrea Madsen, ATP

.1 CEU - Thurs. 05-23-2024


07-11-24 “Case in Point: Seating, Positioning, and Mobility Solutions” Christie Hamstra, PT, DPT, ATP, Chris McNulty, ATP, CRTS

.1 CEU - Thurs. 07-11-2024


“CRT Following Spinal Cord Injury: Meeting the Client’s Needs in a Fast-Paced Healthcare Environment” Kristen Cezat, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, NCS

.1 CEU - Tue. 04-25-2024


Article: “How Can We Make it Easier to Propel a Manual Wheelchair?” Deborah L. Pucci, PT, MPT, Curt Prewitt, MS, PT, ATP

.1 CEU Volume 2, 2024


“Manual Wheelchairs: Materials, Design and Clinical Application” Brenlee Mogul-Rotman, OT Reg. (Ont.), ATP/SMS

.1 CEU - Tue. 04-09-2024


“Tailoring Pediatric Power Mobility Interventions for Exploratory, Operational, and Functional Learners” Lisa K. Kenyon, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS

.1 CEU - Tue. 03-26-2024


“Standing from Toddlers to Seniors” Maryann M. Girardi, PT, DPT, ATP

.1 CEU - Thur. 02-22-2024


Article “Managing a Successful Business While Maintaining a Client-Centered Approach” Charles Harrison, BPE

.1 CEU Volume 1, 2024


“When you know better, you can do better. A Course Designed to Highlight Key Learning Opportunities Through less-than-ideal Initial Delivery Outcomes.” Daniella Giles, PT, DPT, ATP, SMS

.1 CEU - Tue. 02-06-2024

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