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An iNRRTS Registrant is the only person eligible to identify himself/herself as a Registered Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®, RRTS®, or a Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®, CRTS®.

iNRRTS has Registrants in all 50 states, Canada, and Australia.

The ATP certification is not required for RRTS®. Applicants must have been directly involved in consumer service delivery for a minimum of one year.

The CRTS® [Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®], is designated to any person who has a minimum of three years continuous employment with a CRT Provider directly involved in consumer service delivery and who has maintained the ATP certification in good standing for a minimum of three years.

Registrants with RRTS® designation can earn the CRTS® designation on their second renewal after earning the ATP Certification.

An application and pre-qualification process must be completed.

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“Being a NRRTS Registrant is a privilege with educational benefits. The scope of continued education is broad-based and presented by leaders in their respective field of study. The NRRTS Staff is always there for the Registrants and strives to make the CRT journey rewarding.”

Brent Manning

Because you are a NRRTS Registrant

  • Your standing as a professional is greater because of your knowledge, experience and commitment to the NRRTS Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • You are a person with recognized knowledge and experience in the field of CRT.
  • You are someone to be trusted in the eyes of the clinician to provide equipment that truly meets the patient’s medical needs.
  • You have access to all NRRTS CE Programs at no additional cost. The content has been developed by recognized experts in the field to broaden your knowledge.
  • Your feelings of confidence and self-worth are increased by knowing that NRRTS’ primary objective is to promote and support the professional CRT Supplier.
  • Your referrals, customers and funding sources recognize your personal commitment to the service and delivery of CRT.
  • You have the designation of RRTS® or CRTS® which is impressive on your business card. These initials have no meaning outside of our profession so when asked what the letters mean, you have a chance to set yourself apart.
  • You know there is an organization of fellow professionals who are tracking new developments and advocating legislation to protect access to CRT.
  • Payment of $230 USD. (Contact Amy Odom at for late fee information)
  • Registrant Renewal Verification form, signed by both you and your employer. Please note the background check portion must be completed as well.
  • Complete, sign and return the Affirmation of Moral Character form with your renewal documentation.
  • Submit documentation of 1.0 CEU (Ten (10) hours of continuing education).

All Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must pertain directly to the provision of CRT.

Copies of certificates or a transcript of courses are acceptable.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be earned within the last 18 months and apply directly to CRT. If CEUs have been used for a previous year’s renewal, they may not be used again.

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An application and pre-qualification process must be completed.

Read Applicant Registration Requirement Information

NRRTS has developed a Core Curriculum consisting of five (5) areas of concentration: Ethics; Funding and Public Policy; Medical Terminology, Vocabulary, Anatomy and Diagnoses; Seating and Positioning; and Business Practices. Applicants will document completion of at least .2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from each of the core areas for a total number of 1.0 CEU (10 contact hours).

Are you ready to apply?

I have earned CEUs in the last 18 months:

  • Complete the online application
  • Upload your CEUs and business card (All education submitted must have been earned in the last 18 months.)
  • Submit the application
  • The CEUs you submit will be evaluated and accepted on an individual basis to fulfill the Core Curriculum requirement.

If you do not have CEUs to fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements, we will provide you with courses at no additional charge. This service is valid for 90 days from receipt of completed application.

  • Complete the online application
  • Upload your business card
  • Submit the application
  • You will receive information on the next steps and instructions on how to access the education you need to fulfill the required Core Curriculum.
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    You must pay a non-refundable application fee of $30 USD. The annual fee for Registry is $230 USD.

    Once approved, the applicant pays $230 USD within 30 days for the first year’s dues. Registration begins with receipt of the $230 USD payment.

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