Our Mission

Our mission is to join in Monthly Conversations as we share our lived experiences. Through our conversations we learn, laugh, collaborate, and educate each other in a welcoming and warm environment.

NRRTS and Unite4CRT are hosting the 2nd Annual CRT Awareness Day Event!

Register Now for CRT Awareness Day – August 17th

1 pm ET – 7 pm ET

12:45 pm – 1 pm – Welcome 

1 pm – 1:45 pm ET – Navigating the Public School System When You Have a Disability

Join us as we present scenarios and discuss solutions to providing equipment and services for people with disabilities while in the public school system.

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm ET – Traveling with your Wheelchair – What Should I Expect?

Learn how to take charge of your travel and help the process go smoothly.

3:00 pm – 3:45 pm ET – You and Your Caregiver

Description: A Caregiver may be a friend, family member, community member, privately paid, or work with a caregiver agency, but what defines a caregiver is a desire to serve paired with specific duties they perform. Many of us rely on our caregivers to participate fully in daily activities. Join us as we talk about the issues we have faced when finding, scheduling, and managing a Caregiver.

4:00 pm ET – 4:45 ET – Family Focus

Description: This panel of family members and caregivers will share advice, programs, and their own experiences to help you facilitate your family member’s independence and quality of life.

5 pm – 5:45 pm The Power of Your Mobility – What is CRT?

The language used to describe wheelchairs may help or hinder people’s perception of this life-changing equipment and its importance to independence. In this session we will hear from wheelchair users as we discuss “The Power of Your Mobility”

6 pm – 7 pm – “In the Home” Rule: What does it mean for your mobility needs?

This session will define and highlight the issues and problem areas for access to Complex Rehab Technology that are a direct result of the CMS “in the home” rule.


Invite a friend to join us and we’ll send them a special invitation to the next “Conversations”

We are asking you to help us  in our efforts to grow! We have postcards for you to share with anyone you know who is already an advocate, activist, or simply wants a place to join with others to talk. Grab a few postcards to carry with you and let people know we want to see them online at our next monthly “Conversations”!

Unite4CRT "Conversations" is a place to share Our Stories. What's your story?

UNITE4CRT is a small group with an Extra Loud Voice.

We want the community to appreciate that complex rehab technology (CRT) is equipment that is medically necessary and individually configured. It can be manual wheelchairs, power wheelchair systems, adaptive seating systems, alternative positioning systems, and other mobility devices that require evaluation, fitting, configuration, adjustment, or programming.

We want insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and the general population to understand that our equipment is customized for the individual user and must be funded.

Our equipment is essential for independence and opportunities for a happy, healthy life.

Essential. Vital. Not Optional.


We believe that Mobility is a Human Right

We believe Mobility isIndependence

We believe a customized wheelchair seating system is Essential.

We believe we can influence policy change with OUR VOICE. OUR STORIES.

As CRT Users, Suppliers, Clinicians, Manufacturers, Caregivers, Family, and Friends UNITE in monthly Conversations, we share stories and provide education in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Mark your calendar for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm ET. We hope to see you then!

Important Dates

  • June 28, 2022On the move: an introduction to movement, adaptive sports, and recreational activities with Special Guest Christoper Collin
  • July 26, 2022 The National APSE(Asssociation of People Supporting Employment First) Conference Highlights with Codi Mendenhall and Jen Mendenhall
  • August 30, 2022Caregiving Happens - Ready or Not with Special Guest Nadine Cornish
  • September 27, 2022Understanding the ADA: What Would You Do? with Special Guest Kelly Narowski
  • October 25, 2022The Better Connect Academy (Begins at 8 pm ET)
  • November 15, 2022Dating and Intimacy
  • December 13, 2022Smart Homes: How to Make Technology Work for You!


Codi Mendenhall

“Being a part of #Unite4CRT has given me the opportunity to educate myself and others about Complex Rehab Technology. My daughter Codi uses a power wheelchair which gives her freedom and independence.  It’s imperative we advocate and educate anyone who will listen about the necessity of CRT. I so appreciate the knowledge and enthusiasm of #Unite4CRT members!”


Jenny Siegle

“Advocating for access to complex rehab technology has become a very important part of my life. The work that I do not only benefits myself, but others in similar situations and others that might not know they will need to utilize that type of equipment sometime in their lives.”

Chris Collin

“I believe that if you don’t voice your opinion then no one knows of the problem.  Being a part of this group allows me to fight for the things that I think will help not only myself but my fellow wheelchair users. I have talked with people that have been the voice in the past and I have heard what effect that has had over the years. I can only aspire to do the same. I hope I can  lead others to follow also, because together we can improve the lives of many.”

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