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24/7 Posture: The Importance of Positioning Goes Beyond Sitting

July 2023

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Assistive Technology: How it Can Improve Your Daily Life

February 2023

Adventures in Adaptive Sports

June 2022

From Childhood to Teen, to Adult: How do you Mobility Needs Change?

April 2022

Health Insurance Advocacy

March 2022


10 Things You Should Know About Your Supplier with Dave Nix and Gerry Dickerson

February 2022


Medicare Funding Update: What to expect in 2022 with Guest Speaker Don Clayback, NCART Executive Director

January 2022


‘Tis the Season of Giving and Hope with Guest Speaker Erika Bogan

December 14th, 2021

“Changing the Medicare Language” – November 16, 2021

CRT Awareness Day Videos

September 23, 2021

Authentic Inclusion by Frances West

August 24, 2021

Make your Voice Heard

July 20, 2021, 2021


Road to Independence: Getting a new set of wheels with Jenny Siegle and Angie Kiger

June 2021

Travel and Accessibility with Jamie Santillo, Brett Heising, and Kelly Narowski

May 25, 2021

The DIS/Ableist Network with Kyle Romano and Christine Garner

April 20, 2021


Let’s Play! Adaptive Sports – March 23, 2021




Disability Terms: What Difference does it Make? February 2021


You’ve only got one life – Live It: Innovation in the Wheelchair World – January 2021


Surviving the Holidays!

December 2020


Jenny Siegle talks with Tina Pedersen about RAMP and other projects

November 2020



CRT Legislation – What’s in it for me?

October 2020



Unite4CRT Meet & Greet

September 2020



Stay Calm and Drive On: Mobility Considerations for Wheelchair Users

August 2020


Jenny Siegle is presented the NRRTS Consumer of the Year Award – July 28, 2020

Stay Calm and Travel On: Tips and Advice for Traveling with a Disability

June 2020

30 Years with the ADA

May 2020

Smart Home Devices at an Affordable Price

April 2020

Service Dogs: A Way of Life – Is it for You?

March 2020