CRT Awareness Day

On September 23, 2021, CRT Awareness Day was launched by Unite4CRT and NRRTS. The purpose of this historic event was to remove the complexities of Complex Rehab Technology and simply communicate. Talk. Tell stories…  stories about how this equipment changes lives and provides independence and movement through life for the people who need it. Watch, listen, learn from the people whose lives depend on this equipment and from others who strive to help along the way.

These are the videos.  These are the stories.

Mobility: Exploring the Wheelchair User’s World

Jenny Border, Tamara Kittelson, Chris Collin, Madonna Long, Ali Ingersol. Moderated by Karen Roy

The language used to describe wheelchairs may help or hinder people’s perception of this life-changing equipment and its importance to independence. In this session, you will hear from wheelchair users who answer the question, “Why is my mobility important?”

From Advocate to Activist – Make Your Voice Heard Panel Discussion
Jean Minkel, Kyle Romano, Jenny Siegel, Molly Hale, Ali Ingersol, Sharifa Abu-Hamda, John Box, Jenn Wolff, Moderated by Bill Noelting

Listen and learn as we talk about the journey from advocate to activist for Complex Rehab Technology. Walk with us through the stages we’ve encountered on our personal quest for access to equipment: personal awareness, educating the public, and active engagement with legislators and others to make change happen.

Family Focus. Tools You Can Use Panel Discussion
Claire Shrader, Barb Siegle, Jeramy Hale, Carolyn Fernbaugh, Lori Collin, Moderated By Jenn Mendenhall

This panel of family members and caregivers share advice, programs, and personal experiences to help you facilitate your family member’s independence and quality of life.

Connecting With Your Seating Team. Are You In The Drivers Seat? Panel Discussion
Gerry Dickerson & Will Fargas, Dave Nix & Brandy McCormack, Barbara Crume & Mike Edney. Moderated By Weesie Walker & Jenny Siegle

How do you connect with your Seating Team to get the most out of your wheelchair evaluation and delivery process? In this session, we discuss practical ways you can take charge and help the process go smoothly.

Access: Strategies for Success
Joseph Nahra, Rita Stanley, Molly Hale, Karen Roy, Chris Collin, Jen Mendenhall. Moderated by Weesie Walker & Jenny Siegle

This session highlights the issues and problem areas for access to Complex Rehab Technology. In this panel discussion, we determined issues important to wheelchair users and deliberated on strategies that will help promote meaningful change.


Unite4CRT Activists volunteered to educate and share information from their personal journeys throughout the day on 9/23. Their experiences and training have qualified them as “experts”. Scroll through, listen, and learn.

Do you have a story to share? Contact us at

Cathy Carver, PT
Come Roll With Me

Planning A Vacation
Jamie Santillo

The Canadian Perspective
Linda Norton

Writing Your Own LMN
Ali Ingersol

Power of Your Mobility
Jean Minkel & Sharifa Abu-Hamda

Traveling With Your Wheelchair
Kelly Narowski