“Safety Beds 101” Adam Davis, National Sales Manager for Beds by George

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Date: 06-06-2024 at 4:00 pm ET

Credit: .1 CEU

Speakers: Adam Davis, National Sales Manager for Beds by George

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Safety Beds is a rapidly growing market segment that is largely not fully understood among clinicians. As a result, there is a need not only for more people to be educated, but also to correct misinformation or partial information. Clinicians, Providers, and Therapists are expected to differentiate between various types of safety beds, assess clinical appropriateness of a safety bed for their clients, and selection of appropriate model and features. This course is designed to assist in providing general education about safety beds and how to identify the clinical features that are significant to their client base.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to describe the major clinical safety purposes of a safety bed.
  • Be able to identify the 2 major types of safety bed.
  • Be able to match the critical design features to the client needs when selecting a safety bed.