Outstanding Contributions to NRRTS are recognized during the 2018 National Leadership & Advocacy Conference

The NRRTS Board of Directors recognized certain individuals who have contributed to the advancement of CRT through leadership, advocacy or distinguished service. The awards were presented on April 26th during the 2018 National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference held in Washington, D.C.

John Zona, ATP/SMS is the 2018 Simon Margolis Fellow. John has been a longtime NRRTS Board member including serving as President.

John committed his time, resources and intellectual expertise in order to advance the promise of Complex Rehab Technology. His involvement with NRRTS, NCART and other professional associations bear tribute to his passion and commitment.

This award is named after Simon Margolis who set a high standard for dedication and involvement in the provision of Complex Rehab Technology. He was passionate about the people who rely on CRT. Consumer protection was his motivation for creating NRRTS. This highest of NRRTS’ awards is given in his memory.

Last year, Gerry Dickerson, ATP, CRTS and Michele Gunn, ATP/CRTS were awarded this prestigious Simon Margolis Fellow.

Four outstanding individuals were recognized for their support of the NRRTS’ mission with Leadership Awards. 

Julie Piriano – Julie promotes the professional RTS through her NRRTS webinars and CEU articles. She is actively involved in advocacy.

Lew Shomer – Lew has been instrumental in providing consumers easy access to contact their Members of Congress. His efforts are seen in the large numbers of emails and phone calls seeking support of CRT Legislation.

Angie Kiger – Angie promotes NRRTS to attendees of her courses. She is a popular presenter for NRRTS Webinars and has authored a CEU article for DIRECTIONS.

Dave McCausland – Dave has been working diligently to garner support for all CRT Legislation. He is passionate about the end user and ensuring they get access to the equipment they need.

Pictured L to R: Julie Piriano, Lew Shomer, John Zona, and Angie Kiger
Not pictured: Dave McCausland