At NRRTS, we want to make sure that consumers receive quality, cost-effective, individualized and function-enhancing equipment. As a result, the coalition, #Unite4CRT was born.

The general population may not understand the needs of the individual CRT User. The #Unite4CRT mission is to provide an outlet for CRT Users to share their unique stories and educate through personal experience.

Conversations about the needs of CRT Users and the inability to get legislation passed has led to the group’s interest in educating the general public about CRT needs. In a series of “Town Hall Meetings”,  the focus is on real issues that CRT Users face. Solutions for helping people cope with the reality of living with a disability bring family, friends, suppliers, caregivers, clinicians together. All a part of this “circle of care”, we seek solutions for ensuring access to CRT.

The next Virtual Town Hall Meeting is October 29th at 5:30 pm EST. The topic is Barriers to Access: CRT Denials.

Join us for a discussion on how to deal with denials. Guest Speaker Cathy Carver will help you understand that “No” doesn’t always mean “No”. The #Unite4CRT Team will discuss their own experiences with denials.

Plan your office “Watch Party” now. We’ll be live on Facebook or you can watch from an iPhone, tablet, laptop, or big screen TV!

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The Virtual Town Hall meetings are brought to you by NRRTS and the #Unite4CRT Coalition.