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Congratulations on your decision to take the CRT Supplier Certificate Program, the only education program designed specifically to prepare you for a career as a professional CRT Supplier. Please review the information below to begin.


The program is organized into courses where each course includes multiple lessons, knowledge checks, and a final quiz. Courses and Lessons must be completed in sequential order.

Required Textbook

All the courses in the CRT Supplier Education Program refer to the textbook Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide by Michelle L. Lange and Jean L. Minkel. Order the book using the link appropriate for your country:


US students can use the promo code STUDENT25 for a 25% discount when ordering the print book using this link.






Please note that if you use an eBook version, the page numbers will not be the same as referenced for the print versions. You will need to pay attention to the book chapters and sections as referenced in the course narrative.

Courses 1 through 9 are completed and available for you to take. As new Courses become available, they will appear in the list below and in the course library. You will be notified and can continue the program where you left-off. As you complete each course, you will be awarded CEUs as shown below. Courses must be taken and completed sequentially.

Course 1: The Role of the Complex Rehab Technology Supplier   .2 CEU

CRT Suppliers need diverse knowledge to provide the best outcomes. This self-paced course takes the participant through an overview of types of people who use CRT, what is required of a supplier, what the supplier’s role is and what types of equipment are included in the CRT category. This base of knowledge is critical for anyone wanting to become a professional supplier.

Course 2: Observing the Interview and Sitting Balance Assessment   .1 CEU

This course is actually a study guide based on Chapters 1, 3, 4 and 5 in the textbook, Seating and Wheeled Mobility. It is intended to help CRT Suppliers understand the process of observing a clinician complete a seating and mobility assessment, as well as understand the difference between the three types of sitters: Hands-free, hands-dependent, and prop sitters.

Course 3: Observing the Mat Assessment for Seating Impairments   .1 CEU

Persons with long-term disabilities who require a wheeled mobility device benefit from a complete assessment that includes a review of their mobility and seating impairments through a mat assessment that focuses on seating assessment, supine assessment. pelvic mobility assessment and lower extremity range of motion assessment. The supplier must be an informed observer to gain the knowledge in order to provide the best technology match to meet the client’s needs.

Course 4: Skin Integrity   .2 CEU

This course provides an overview of skin integrity. It describes the relationship between a client’s skin integrity and choices made in your role as a complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) supplier in regard to seating and mobility recommendations,

Course 5: Measuring the Client   .1 CEU

A recent focus on research into the science of wheelchair seating has resulted in an increased amount of knowledge that can be utilized by CRT suppliers to better serve their clients. This includes standardization of how clients are measured and the terminology that is used in the measurement process.

Course 6: Basics of Diagnoses   .3 CEU

In this course, you will be presented with not only the six most common diagnoses that are seen by CRT Suppliers, but also contextual information about their impairments, how we should work with them, and a brief overview of the landscape.

Course 7: Application of Postural Supports   .2 CEU

Wheelchair seating and mobility evaluation and posture are interdependent clinical situations. Earlier courses have provided information about the client and that you will need to participate with a clinical team in the evaluation, prescription and provision processes. This course will begin the journey through seating and mobility technology, and overviews of how to match a person to equipment.

Course 8: Key Concepts of Wheeled Mobility  .1 CEU

Wheelchairs play a crucial role in enhancing mobility and independence for individuals with limited mobility. Manual and power wheelchairs are each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. Understanding the key concepts associated with these wheelchairs is essential for users, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike. The lessons in this course will provide an overview of the key concepts of manual and power wheelchairs and will present case studies showing how these key concepts are assimilated into real life.

Course 9: Manual Wheelchairs  .2 CEU

Manual wheelchair technology continues to improve and increase the benefits to the user. This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of manual wheelchairs, their usage, their construction, and their applicability, and will present case studies showing how these key concepts are assimilated into real life.


The cost for each course of the  CRT Supplier Education Program is $100. There are no discounts for these courses.


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To access the Program courses you have ordered, click ‘Learning Portal’ in the menu bar at the top right of the website. Entering your username and password opens your individual Dashboard where you can view and access your orders, your enrolled courses, and other information. This is where you will go to begin using the CRT Supplier Education Program.


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