2021 Virtual CRT Congressional Fly-In

The Clock Is Ticking! Register Now. Make Certain That Your Voice is Heard.

This event will be held on September 21 from 9am to 5pm. The fly-in will offer a chance for the CRT community, consumers, and all stakeholders to connect with their Members of Congress to explain what Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) is, what the current issues are, and to ask for their critical support of needed changes and improvements.

It’s really not as scary as it might sound. There are plenty of people to guide you through the process with preliminary events to walk you through what will happen. Piece Of Cake! Download and read these two FAQ sheets for more info.

Once registered, your Congressional appointments will be scheduled for you and you’ll be teamed up with other attendees from your state to ensure that nobody has to handle a meeting alone. We’ll also hold advanced preparation webinars, provide you with talking points and helpful tips, and offer an opportunity to practice with your state teams before your official meetings. All meetings will be held via Zoom and technical support will be provided.

We’re looking forward to virtually gathering with our CRT friends and family to take important messages to Capitol Hill.

Visit www.crtaccess.com for more details and to get registered today!