Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed; a Regulatory and Legislative Update on CRT


Date: 4/7/20
Credit: .1 CEU
Presenter: Rita Stanley
Funding and Public Policy, Intermediate



This session will provide an overview of current Medicare policies and Managed Care trends related to wheelchairs and wheelchair seating that are preventing people with disabilities from obtaining the technology they require. In addition, current regulatory and legislative initiatives will be described and reviewed in sufficient detail to allow participants to become engaged in supporting ongoing efforts to obtain meaningful change. Strategies will be discussed as well as actions that suppliers, manufacturers and clinicians can incorporate into their interactions with Payers. Similar information will be reviewed that will assist in guiding consumers in self-advocacy. Specific details related to topical coding, coverage, payment and other policies will be covered.
Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to describe policy trends and shifts in legislation or regulation that will impact access to CRT for people with disabilities.
The participant will be able to describe the status of current legislation and describe the key provision
The participant will be able to assess the financial impact of key regulatory changes.
Rita Stanley has been employed by Sunrise Medical for 37 years, 26 of which have been in government relations. She was the founding President of NCART and remains on the NCART Executive Committee and Board of Directors and serves as the Chair of the coalition’s regulatory committee. Rita also serves on the RESNA Board of Directors, Co-chairs the RESNA Government Affairs Committee, and serves on the Alliance for HCPCS coding reform. Rita has a strong understanding of coding, coverage and payment policies, and believing that coding is the foundation for coverage and payment is engaged in efforts to improve the HCPCS coding system.