What happens when we are NOT on the same page?


Credit: .1 CEU

Presenter: Jean Minkel, PT,, ATP




Team work is an essential component to successful provision of effective seating and wheeled mobility; but there are times when all the team members are NOT on the same page.  This program will look at commonly occurring situations when the goals and expectations of each team player may not be aligned.  The session will review the importance of naming the tension in the room and will share some strategies any team member can use to open up the dialogue, identify the source of tension and explore options that move the team toward consensus.

Describe the tension that is present when different team members are working from different goals and objectives.

Describe the source of the tension and define the personal reaction to that type of tension.

Define 1 pullback strategy and 1 open-ended question that can be used in a tension filled situation to gain insight into the other teammate’s goals and objective.

Ms. Minkel is a physical therapist and master clinician well recognized for her work in Assistive Technology.  She is currently the Senior Vice President, Care Management and Rehab Services for Independence Care System, a nonprofit program providing health home services to persons with a physical disability for  in New York City.  Jean is also an independent consultant who provides educational and consulting service to all members of the A.T. team – consumers, therapists, suppliers, manufacturers and payers.

Prior to entering the private section, Jean was the director of the Seating and Mobility Program at the Center for Rehabilitation Technology at Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstaw, NY.  She recently co-edited with Michelle Lange, the newest text book available for professionals in the field of seating and wheeled mobility, Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinicial Resource Guide.

The A.T. community has recognized Jean for her contributions by awarding to her, the RESNA Fellow award in 1995 and the Sam McFarland Mentor Award in 2