Volume 3, 2023 One Clinic’s Approach to Adapted Car Seat Needs


Date: 06/13/2023

Credit: .1 CEU

Authors: William Danner, OTR/L, CPST; Melissa Tally, PT, MPT, ATP



Transportation of children with special needs is challenging due to the complex interaction of diagnosis/need, child restraint type, vehicle specifications, and multiple passenger configurations. One clinic found that very few patients and families who received special needs car seats used them properly given their complexity beyond conventional car seats. They saw an opportunity to collaborate to leverage the combined expertise of pediatric rehabilitation clinicians (Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists) and special needs trained CPSTs to ensure safe transportation of these complex patients and improved overall functional outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:
Discuss the functional application to adaptive car seats for children with special needs.
Identify 3 considerations when assessing proper recommendation of an adaptive car seat.
Explain 2 components for supporting documentation to medically justify the recommended adapted car seat.

William Danner is an OT at the Cincinnati Children’s Perlman Center with 18 years of experience. He focuses on complex rehab technology, AAC and 24-hour postural management. He currently is the Lead Clinician for the CCHMC Perlman Center Car Seat Clinic and collaborates closely with the CCHMC Trauma Team of CPST professionals.
Melissa Tally is a PT with 24 years of experience in complex rehab technology with a focus on parent coaching, early intervention and 24-hour postural management. She was a lead therapist in the development of the CCHMC Car Seat Clinic. She currently is the President and Clinical Education of Adaptive Imports, LLC.