Seating Considerations for Clients with Spinal Cord Injury


Credits: .1 CEU
Presenter: Jill Monger



Optimal seating and independent functioning are synonymous in the SCI population. The question of which seating options are the most appropriate for each client is one that clinicians face every day. This course will help us link typical SCI functional predictions by level of injury with the most appropriate equipment to facilitate function. We will utilize case studies to make practical, real life decisions in regards to making equipment decisions for people with SCI. Our focus will be on optimizing function to ensure that people with SCI live independent, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to list 3 positioning challenges frequently seen in clients with SCI.
The participant will be able to list 3 positioning strategies to address these challenges.
The participant will be able to describe the connection between optimal positioning and function in this population.

Jill Monger holds degrees in Physical Therapy and a Master of Science in Health Professions Education. She is certified by RESNA as an Assistive Technology Practitioner. Jill has been a practicing Physical Therapist since 1984. She began her focus on Spinal Cord Injury Rehab, and seating and mobility at MUSC in 1987. She is an adjunct professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at MUSC. She also teaches continuing education coursework regionally, nationally and internationally. Jill has many years of experience working with people with disabilities of all ages as a coach for wheelchair sports and as an advocate in her community. In addition to her role as coordinator of the MUSC wheelchair seating and mobility clinic she currently practices as a consultant for clinics, technology providers and manufactures as well as individuals with disability.