Vol 4 2019 CEU Article Review Power Anterior Tilt – Clinical Applications and Evidence


Author Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS
.1 CEU



Power wheelchair seat function provision is associated with numerous benefits to the end-user, including enhanced function, health, and participation in activities – increasing quality of life.  Adding an additional dynamic component of function to the seated posture is important to allow end-users better access to the horizontal plane in front of them for these same benefits.  Consideration of the benefits of power anterior tilt is important to the advancement of clinical practice and end-user outcomes.

Anterior tilt on power wheelchairs recently emerged from the industry as a new power seat function but was already used in therapeutic settings or as an ergonomic solution for many years.  This article will examine best practice application of power anterior tilt, in combination with other power seat functions, to facilitate optimal outcomes based on the ICF model, as well as end-user satisfaction.  Clinical measurement tools and documentation strategies will also be considered.

Participants will be able to discuss 2 common secondary health conditions or risks faced by wheelchair end-users that can be mitigated by using anterior tilt.

Participants will be able to describe 3 functional improvements for the power wheelchair end-user as a result of using anterior tilt.

Participants will be able to identify 3 clinical tests/measures the clinician can utilize to measure and document functional improvement for a power wheelchair end-user to justify using anterior tilt.

Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS: Ginger is a Regional Clinical Education Manager for Permobil. She has 30 years of experience as a physical therapist in neuro rehab and wheelchair seating/mobility.  She has been with Permobil for 4.5 of those years.  Previously, she directed Outpatient Therapy Clinics and the Seating/Mobility Program at Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C.  Additionally, Ginger has provided a variety of continuing education courses, articles, and lectures in seating/mobility for many years.  She has presented at major industry conferences including ISS, RESNA, and the PVA Summit.