It’s Personal! Programmable Power Wheelchair Driving Controls


Date: 4/14/21

Credit: .1 CEU

Speaker: Lisa Rotelli, Director, Adaptive Switch Labs

Sponsored by ASL

ATP/SMS Prep Content, Seating & Positioning, Advanced Level



Advancements in power wheelchair technology have taken a giant leap forward in the last few years, but when we are in this fast paced electronic world, not all customizations can be made through the wheelchair electronics alone.

This course will discuss some options available to further your user experience and access through power wheelchair driving methods.

We will talk about the added benefit of several of the drive controls and their programmability.

Learning Outcomes:

The participant will be able to describe the need of programmable drive controls

The participant will be able to identify types of drive controls that can be programmed.

The participant will be able to describe reasons why programming the drive control and the wheelchair would benefit a user.

Lisa Rotelli, Education Specialist, has had a lifetime of experience starting as a Clinical Coordinator for a Rehab Hospital in Northern California. She also served as a Rehab Manager for a large rehab equipment supplier and a Rehab Specialist for one of the major manufactures of rehab wheelchairs. She is certified by the University of Tennessee at Memphis as a seating specialist, and the University of Misericordia in Pennsylvania in pediatric seating. She specializes in alternative access, drive control systems, and has designed several drive control systems for severely involved clients. She presents at national conference to all levels of Clinical Therapists, Suppliers, and Educators.