How to do more with your power wheelchair – interfacing with the outside world


Date: 6/10/21
Credit: .1 CEU
Presenter: Antoinette Verdone. ATP
Best Business Practice, Seating and Positioning, ATP/SMS Prep Content, Advanced



Many people who use power wheelchairs, particularly those using alternative driving methods, also use other assistive technology devices. Providing separate access methods for each assistive technology device, such as a power wheelchair and a speech generating device, is not always possible. Interfacing connects technologies so that the power wheelchair driving method can also be used to control other devices from assistive technology to commercially available technologies, such as smart phones. This webinar will review Interfacing Components (ECU modules, Input/Output Modules) and review when these are clinically indicated and how to use this technology to help your clients access things in their environment.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to list different terminology used by manufacturers for this kind of equipment.
The participant will be able to describe the basics of interfacing and setting up this equipment.
The participant will be able to list two items that can be accessed via ECU/IOM devices.

Antoinette Verdone has been practicing in assistive technology for over 19 years. She has a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and she has held the RESNA ATP Certification since 2004. Ms. Verdone has worked in state government and non-profit settings before starting her own business, ImproveAbility, in 2011. ImproveAbility is a consulting and sales firm that works in many different areas of assistive technology with people of all disabilities. Antoinette’s wide range of experience and knowledge positions her to find solutions for people with complex AT needs.