Between A Rock And A Hard Place – The Ethical Role Of The CRT Supplier


Date: 10/24/19
Credit: .1 CEU
Presenter: Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS
Best Business Practice, Ethics



Being a CRT Supplier and providing services compliant with the RESNA Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics can be challenging. This course will focus on how these standards apply in real world practice. How can the CRT Supplier provide the necessary products under the current funding restrictions? How are these issues communicated to the customer and referral source? All CRT Stakeholders need to understand what impact these issues have on consumers, clinicians and CRT providers.

Learning Outcomes

The participant will be able to list two of the NRRTS Code of Ethics
The participant will be able to list two negative effects of limited funding.
The participant will be able to describe at least one positive benefit of increased involvement of the consumer.


Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS is the Executive Director of NRRTS. Previously, she worked as a CRT Supplier for over 25 years. She is a NRRTS Fellow. Weesie has presented at numerous conferences, including ISS, AOTA, Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, RESNA Conference and NSM Symposium. She has served on the NRRTS Board of Directors, RESNA Professional Standards Board and GAMES Board.