NRRTS Launches New Website

At NRRTS, we continually strive to move our organization forward. Our most recent “proud moment” is the launch of our new website. We have worked with a team of experts to create a website that is modern, offers easy navigation, and a user friendly experience. The new website features a Registrant search by name, organization, and state, DIRECTIONS Online, access to Case Studies and other useful downloads,  testimonials,  and most importantly a new way to access education.

NRRTSCE (NRRTS Continuing Education) Program is now hosted in a Learning Management System (LMS), or Learning Portal. Designed for easy browsing and check-out, our Learners have access to their own record. Download your certificates, review your courses or order a transcript. It is all available through the Learning Portal.

Created by web developers, Gruffy Goat, our new website boasts a sleek and modern design.

GruffyGoat is a small web design company based in Greenville, South Carolina. Web design and development are their primary focus, but they also work within a close network of friends who are experts in supporting areas.