2022 NRRTS is 30

Three decades of NRRTS… Imagine.

Please join us tomorrow for a great time and great information… NRRTS Leadership Presentations & Organization Update, Awards Presentations, the Years in Review.

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In 2021, NRRTS turned 29 and hosted the first CRT Awareness Day Virtual Event. It was hugely successful and will be followed by another CRT Awareness day on August 17, 2022… next month.

NRRTS also expanded the Individual Friends of NRRTS (IFONs) category.










2020 was a pivotal year for NRRTS and for the world facing the pandemic. NRRTS hosted its first virtual meeting and registered the first 2 Canadian NRRTS Registrants… Jason Kelln and Bernie Opp.











2019 and Gerry Dickerson is elected President. Seen here with the prestigious Simon Margolis Fellowship Award, Gerry continues as president through the pandemic for 2 terms.







NRRTS is 26 in 2018 and relaxes the requirements for Registrants to receive the CRTS® designation.

Prior to this update, to become a CRTS®, an RTS must be a Registrant for 2 years AND must be an ATP for 3 years. Simply stated, NRRTS now requires an RTS to be a Registrant for any length of time AND must be an ATP in good standing for 3 years. Welcome to NRRTS.










The year: 2017 and Elaine Stewart is elected President of NRRTS. Also during this year NRRTS began offering CEUs for Clinical Perspective Articles in DIRECTIONS Magazine & the Simon Margolis Fellow is established.










2016 was a very impactful year for NRRTS and for the world of Seating & Mobility. With the passing of Simon Margolis, NRRTS pays heavy tribute to a visionary, educator, and co-founder of the organization.









Simon refused to stand on the sidelines waiting for someone else to take the lead. As such, he left an indelible mark on his profession. Margolis was the one, said Hymie Pogir, who changed the industry’s self-perception from one that “sold wheelchairs” to one that “helped people who have mobility issues become independent.

During this year, NRRTS becomes an accredited IACET Provider of CEUs, taking another step forward toward realizing Simon’s plan for the future.

Simon is with us every day and continues to be the driving force in making the provision of Complex Rehab Technology the best it can be. We still have a long way to go, but we’re trying, Simon… we’re trying.

Thank you.

Simon was featured in the 2016, issue 5 of DIRECTIONS Magazine. Click here to read a digital copy










Seen here accepting the Simon Margolis Fellow Award, Mike Barner is elected as the 11th President of NRRTS.

Several interesting laws go into effect this year, including:

  • California’s law requiring chickens to be raised in spacious quarters goes into effect.
  • CMS begins using the Medicare fee schedule to give larger payments to physicians who provide high-quality care compared with cost.
  • Louisiana’s law allowing 16 and 17-year-old people to register to vote.
  • New York bans photography with big cats.


This year marks NRRTS’ twenty-second birthday and NRRTS expands its education program to include on-demand webinars.

The countdown is rapidly ticking toward our 30th Anniversary. Please plan to join us on Wednesday, July 27th for our Open Meeting and Birthday Bash.


It’s 2013 and Mike Osborn is elected President. 21 Years have come and gone in what seems like a flash.

Weesie is selected as Executive Director.

NRRTS begins an online education program, broadcasting the first live webinar hosted by NRRTS.

NRRTS begins requiring CEUs.


2011 is a big year for NRRTS as Michele Gunn is elected NRRTS President.

Technology makes a leap and NRRTS’s TeleSeminars work toward becoming Webinars. All the better to see you, my dears.

University of Pittsburgh establishes their Outcomes Pilot Program and is still very active in corralling big data.


In 2010 NRRTS turns 18 and publishes DIRECTIONS for Consumers.

NRRTS created a version of DIRECTIONS magazine to target consumers at all the Abilities Expos for the purpose of increasing their involvement in overcoming obstacles facing access to Complex Rehab Technology… which still exist to this day. Read Simon Margolis’ cover letter and look at DIRECTIONS for Consumers below. NRRTS is on a Roll!


NRRTS turns 17 years old and John Zona, seen here receiving the Simon Margolis Fellow award, is elected President in 2009, truly an interesting year to be alive:

  • RESNA offers the SMS credential
  • Manual wheelchairs come under scrutiny
  • Barak Obama wins the US presidential race
  • The World Health Organization declares the Swine Flu pandemic
  • Michael Jackson dies in strange circumstances, ODs on fentanyl, and brings worldwide outpouring of grief
  • Financial crisis continues causing massive decline in housing values

… and the Wheels Keep Turning


2008 – much like the years leading up to it – proves to be busy for not only NRRTS but for the seating & mobility industry:

  • NRRTS News transforms into DIRECTIONS Magazine and becomes the preeminent CRT Education Journal
  • RESNA consolidates the ATP and ATS Credential
  • The ADA expands the definition of ‘disability’ to encompass civil rights for all individuals with disabilities.


It’s 2007 and Weesie Walker becomes President. It’s been a couple very busy years under Mike Seidel’s presidency:

  • Simon Margolis became Executive Director
  • NRRTS began the RRTS® designation
  • On the heels of Operation Wheeler Dealer, CMS split-up the K0011 code into 68 new power codes creating a tremendous need for CRT education

… and now it’s up to Weesie Walker to carry the torch and move NRRTS forward.


Mike Seidel is elected President and NRRTS Kicks It Up A Notch. Kickin’It Up A Notch was a two-day educational event to aid in the professional development of RTSs and Clinicians. The Focus of the NRRTS 2005 Educational Conference was to educate RTSs and Clinicians to advance the [profession. Check It Out…


Dan Lipka is elected President. Georgia adds language including NRRTS Registrants in CRT supply policy.

NRRTS goes to Medtrade… again!

NRRTS News Prints Great CRT Articles… and Some Great Ads.

Take a look at all the cool stuff from the archives…


2001 was a busy year for NRRTS. Dave Kruse is elected President, NRRTS stirs-up the industry with its Medtrade presence, Amy Odom comes on-board.

Browse through these great memories


Answers to why consumers, referral sources, and payers should work with NRRTS members for their Rehabilitation and assistive technology were the outcomes of NRRTS National Leadership Conference (NLC). “This is something you can put on the bottom of your letterhead, your invoices, everything you do,” said NRRTS President Denise Harmon.

Click to view pictures of the 2000 NLC below.


NRRTS Elects Denise Harmon as President.








NRRTS Goes to Medtrade

(Scroll through the images in the carousel below)



In 1998, the need for NRRTS had never been greater to provide a backdrop of Business Standards,  Standards of Care, Ethics, and Education for the people that supply Complex Rehab Technology and for the people that need it.

As it continues to add Registrants and become a smoothly functioning organization, it is during this year that President Clinton signs the Assistive Technology Act.

As technology has come to play an increasingly important role in the lives of all persons in the United States:

  • in the conduct of business,
  • in the functioning of government,
  • in the fostering of communication,
  • in the conduct of commerce,
  • in the provision of education,

… its impact upon the lives of the more than 50,000,000 individuals with disabilities in the United States has been comparable to its impact upon the remainder of the citizens of the United States. Any development in mainstream technology would have profound implications for individuals with disabilities in the United States.


NRRTS is 5 years old and a lot happened in 1997.

On the heels of RESNA’s ATP designation, NRRTS establishes Certified Rehab Technology Supplier – CRTS®.






Jim Fiss is elected President.








New Registrants continue to apply and value the NRRTS organization








NRRTS News Spreads the Word.








The NRRTS office staff grows and continues to do excellent work.





During this year – the fifth year of NRRTS existence:

  • RESNA offers the ATP and ATS exams. A year later, NRRTS will offer the CRTS® Designation.
  • NRRTS elects a new Board of Directors, consisting of
    • Simon Margolis, President
    • James Fiss, President-Elect
    • Daniel Lipka, Vice President
    • Denise Harmon, Secretary
    • David Kruse, Treasurer
    • Jeffrey Auter, At-Large Member
    • Jan Furumasi, At-Large Member
    • Anne Kieschnik, At-Large Member
    • Kenneth Nelson, At-Large Member
    • Gayle Scaramuzzi, Review Committee A
    • Howard Achtman, Review Committee B
    • Jody Whitmyer, Review Committee C
    • Elizabeth Rafter, Review Committee D


It’s 1995 and Simon Margolis is elected President of NRRTS.

Registrants are coming on-board to be part of the only organization dedicated to the support and advancement of CRT Suppliers







NRRTS publishes its first issue of NRRTS News, which will become NRRTS DIRECTIONS Magazine, the preeminent CRT Journal





With the financial support of a few visionaries – David Miller, Tom O’Donnell, Hymie Pogir –  NRRTS takes flight and begins taking applications for registration. With Adrienne Bergen as Chair, Simon Margolis as Vice Chair, Jessica Presperin, David Miller, and 8 regional review chairs comprising the Board of Directors, NRRTS begins the task of rounding-up Rehab Technology Suppliers and accepting applications.

Of particular note is that the early application did NOT require an education component but did require 3 letters of recommendation. This requirement is revised in a few years.


NRRTS is now poised and ready to provide standards of practice and ethics so desperately needed for the supply of Complex Rehab Technology.

The Wild West has a new Sheriff in town… and the name is NRRTS.

As of this writing, nine (9) of the original Registrants who were accepted in 1993 are still active:

  • John Lindstrom
  • Michael Oliver
  • Brad Unruh
  • Alan Chanin
  • Chris Galietta
  • Anne Kieschnik
  • Toby Bergentino
  • Debises Harmon
  • Roger Lichty

Congratulations and Thank You to these NRRTS Pioneers


Following the conception and founding of the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) in 1992 by visionaries Adrienne Bergen and Simon Margolis, the NRRTS organization incorporated and readied itself to begin registering qualified Complex Rehab Technology Suppliers.

For the next 30 years, NRRTS sets the standard for what it means to supply CRT to the people that need it, requiring rigorous education and vetting.

There were no standards, no certifications, no supplier qualifications, fewer equipment options, and less demanding documentation.

Anyone could provide wheelchairs and seating. There was no way to determine if the supplier was qualified or knew anything at all about CRT. There was no complaint process and no Code of Ethics.

NRRTS has evolved through the years with a in-depth application process. No longer called, “members”, NRRTS Registrants must meet rigorous standards, and after a review process and approval, obtain the designation, RRTS® and CRTS®. Relying on a NRRTS Registrant for the provision of CRT is an assurance of quality, dedication, and caring

The NRRTS organization has been instrumental in setting and maintaining high standards in the Complex Rehab Technology industry.

For the next 30 weeks, we will post pictures and stories of people and events that were instrumental in and dedicated to making certain that the provision of CRT was done correctly and ethically, with the patient foremost.

Come back and follow the progression of the NRRTS organization over its 30 year history leading to our anniversary celebration.