NRRTS Award Program

Certain individuals and groups who have contributed to the advancement of CRT through leadership, advocacy or distinguished service stand out in our minds!

The NRRTS Board of Directors wants to give you an opportunity to recognize CRT Industry Leaders for their dedication and hard work.

Nominations are being accepted for the categories listed below. Nominations must be submitted online by 5 pm on February 15, 2020.

All nominations must be submitted online.

A select committee will determine the recipients.

Distinguished Service Award

Award Requirements:
Nominee must be a NRRTS Registrant or FON for a minimum of three years
The letter of nomination must detail the distinguished service to NRRTS, accomplishments and impact of participation to further NRRTS’ mission.

Simon Margolis Fellow Award

NRRTS Fellow Awards recognize members who have made long standing and significant contributions to NRRTS, the CRT profession, and the seating and wheeled mobility community as a whole.

Award requirements:
The nominee must have been a NRRTS member for at least 10 years and possess the CRTS credential.
The nominee must have significant and extraordinary contribution to the mission of NRRTS, the field of CRT and the profession of the CRTS in area’s such as:
* Advocacy
* Legislation and Public Policy
* Communication and public awareness
* Clinical Practice
* Education and teaching
* Professional presentations at national conferences
* Manufacturing and product development
* Service provision
* Mentorship
The nominee must have also made significant contributions to NRRTS through leadership activities such as:
* Member of the Board of Directors
* Executive or Associate Director
* Webinar instructor
* Volunteerism