New WC Provision Guidelines

WHO releases new Wheelchair provision guidelines.

Mobility and movement are essential for human health and well-being. For people who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, an appropriate wheelchair is essential to ensure physical and mental health and development, function, participation and inclusion. However, quality wheelchair provision is globally uneven and access to appropriate wheelchairs for many is a significant challenge. Multiple barriers exist, resulting in wheelchair users either not having a wheelchair, or accessing one without trained guidance, potentially receiving an inappropriate wheelchair with the associated risks. And yet, WHO has estimated 80 million people (or 1% of the world’s population) are likely to require a wheelchair to assist their mobility, with this number set to grow as the global population ages and other trends such as an increase in chronic health conditions continue.

To support countries in addressing this challenge, WHO has released new Wheelchair provision guidelines, which were developed in collaboration with the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics and the International Society of Wheelchair Providers. 

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