New partnership is announced!


The CANADIAN ASSISTIVE DEVICES ASSOCIATION (CADA) are proud to announce their partnership with the NATIONAL REGISTRY of REHABILITATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIERS (NRRTS) in the development of a Canadian standard for our industry partners.

“The complex rehabilitation technology industry in Canada is thriving and our partnership with NRRTS will enable us to ensure that we can provide the highest levels of service to our clients and partners while maintaining a level of professionalism and knowledge that having a NRRTS designation requires” says Erin Roberts, Executive Director CADA.

The National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers provides a mechanism for consumers, clinicians and third party payers to identify qualified suppliers who provide high-quality complex rehabilitation technology and related services to people with physical disabilities.

“NRRTS promotes the highest standard of ethical conduct by its registrants. We are extremely proud to be working with CADA on launching a Canadian standard that upholds these mutual beliefs” Weesie Walker, Executive Director NRRTS

This program will be formally introduced at the upcoming CADA AGM on Nov 17th, 2020.  To register for the AGM and to receive a NRRTS Canada application form, please visit the CADA website.

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