IFONS show support of NRRTS mission, vision, and goals

Picture of Don Olson

A Friend of NRRTS is an individual involved in the Rehabilitation Technology industry or profession who shares the mission and vision of NRRTS. An IFON does not meet the requirements for regular NRRTS Registration.

Don Olson, one of our newest IFONS has this to say,

“I am very glad to support the important work of NRRTS as an individual friend. This is a great option for professionals in the rehabilitation technology field to stay current with this rapidly changing service area. I so appreciate and am grateful for the high quality educational opportunities that NRRTS offers at a reduced rate for individual members. Thank you NRRTS!”

Don is a physical therapist who has worked in multiple practice settings including inpatient acute care, home care and a residential facility for people with developmental disabilities. In addition, he currently is an adjunct faculty at the University of Jamestown Physical Therapy program in Fargo North Dakota. He has 33 years of clinical experience working with patients with complex wheelchair seating and positioning needs and recently helped to develop a seating and mobility program offered through Essentia Health in Fargo. Don is a contributing author to DIRECTIONS, the official publication for NRRTS. You can read his article, Restraints, Achieving Successful Seating Outcomes While Addressing Restraint Concerns, in Volume 3, 2014 (visit DIRECTIONS archives) and contributed to a RESNA position paper on the same topic. (See Application of Wheelchairs, Seating Systems and Secondary Supports for Positioning vs. Restraint)

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