FAQs for CRT Supplier Certificate Program

What is a certificate program?

A certificate program is an education and training program that covers a well-defined subject area. This Certificate Program is specific to the provision of Complex Rehab Technology. It is an on-line, self-paced program where candidates must demonstrate skills in a final classroom event. Successful completion of this program earns the candidate a CRT Supplier Certificate.


What is the difference between a certificate program and certification?

The goal of a certificate program is to learn a new skill or update an existing skill.
The goal of a certification is to validate professional expertise by passing an exam.


Will the certificate program replace certification?

The certificate program is not a replacement for the ATP certification or the ATP/SMS certification. The certificate program is designed to provide a professional approach and understanding of the unique and specific role of the CRT Supplier.


How is the certificate program monitored?

NRRTS will monitor and track the progress of each candidate through all 14 courses. The online platform provides all users with a progress view at every step. The CRT Supplier Certificate Program will be accredited to insure validity of the process.


Why is this certificate program necessary?

The CRT Industry has long recognized the need for a pathway to bring new people into the field. There has never been a clearly defined role of the supplier. This certificate program will allow a person to be employed and then gain the needed experience to progress into more advanced skills, such as molded seating, alternative drive controls, pediatric mobility, and other complex processes required to successfully provide CRT.

Today, there is a shortage of qualified people. As more RTSs retire, the pool of replacements is virtually nonexistent. Also, due to the aging population in the US and in the world, the need for CRT has never been greater.


Who will benefit from a certificate program?

The Certificate program is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

  • The people who rely on CRT Win because the provision of CRT products and services will have a more consistent and learned approach.
  • CRT Employers WIN because their RTS’s work from a common, high-level base of knowledge.
  • The RTSs WIN because now they have the basic tools to provide services upon which to grow. And they will “know what they don’t know!”