CRT Awareness Day Success

NRRTS & Unite4CRT Launch CRT Awareness Day

Designed to raise awareness of Mobility as a Human Right, on September 23rd, CRT Awareness Day featured wheelchair users and industry mainstays in a day-long festival of on-line activism. Panel Discussions, videos, candid conversations, and impromptu Zoom sessions focused on explaining the wheelchair users’ world.

“I thought a whole day of on-line meetings would be boring,” said Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS, Executive Director of the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS). “But not once was I even tempted to leave and miss something. It was a fascinating day.”

Planned as a part of CRT Awareness Week, the concept was the brain-child of Annette Hodges, Director of Education for NRRTS and Unite4CRT Activist, and Weesie Walker. “We wanted to have a day that focused on people that actually use complex wheelchairs and assistive technologies.” said Annette. “The real story, the compelling story comes from those that live the experience. And we weren’t disappointed. Our turnout was phenomenal.”

The chat line was busy all day with accolades and support. “Yesterday was an historical day in the history of NRRTS! What a day,” said Gerry Dickerson ATP, CRTS®, NRRTS President. “Congratulations on all the hard work in putting this day together.”

“Join us for our monthly Conversation,” said Jenny Siegle, co-founder of Unite4CRT and host of their monthly conversation. “We want to encourage every person who is a wheelchair user, supplier, therapist, caregiver, and friend to use their voices as a catalyst for change.”

Join the Unite4CRT conversation by visiting the NRRTS website,, and clicking the Unite4CRT link.

Highlights from the event and follow-up information will soon be available on the NRRTS website. Contact Annette Hodges at with suggestions for the next day-long CRT Awareness Day.