Course 9: Manual Wheelchairs

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Welcome to Course 9: Manual Wheelchairs

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of manual wheelchairs, their usage, their construction, and their applicability.

Please start by watching this video introduction

This course consists of five (5) lessons:

  • Manual Wheelchair Frame types
  • Manual Wheelchair Components
  • Hybrid Manual Wheelchairs
  • Using Manual Wheelchair Order Forms to Specify a Manual Wheelchair
  • Summary and Final Quiz


The purpose of this course is to understand how manual wheelchairs can be configured to provide benefits of ease, comfort, and functionality

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the difference between dependent and independent mobility.
  2. Describe the difference between rigid frame wheelchair and folding frame wheelchair.
  3. Understand how different wheel/caster sizes affect seat to floor height.
  4. Describe 3 wheelchair adjustments that effect performance.
  5. List 4 considerations for determining frame type recommendation.
  6. List two ways to access additional technical specifications for a specific wheelchair frame.

Please download and review the Course 9 Resource list.

Course 9: Manual Chairs Resource List