Course 7: Application of Postural Supports

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Welcome to Course 7: Application of Postural Supports

Wheelchair seating and mobility evaluation and posture are interdependent clinical situations. Earlier courses have provided information about the client and that you will need to participate with a clinical team in the evaluation, prescription and provision processes. This course will begin the journey through seating and mobility technology, and overviews of how to match person to equipment.

Important: The term ‘Postural Support System’ is synonymous with the term ‘Seating System’. You will encounter both of these terms throughout the course.

Please start by watching this video introduction

This course consists of five (5) lessons

1. Seating & Mobility Impairments, an overview of the entire process including

  • Mat assessment
  • Documenting anatomic linear measures and angles
  • Outlining client and postural goals
  • Deciding on postural supports including their materials and properties

2. General Types of Seating to match the body shapes and needs

  • Seat Cushions and Back Supports
  • Sizes, Shapes, Colors
  • Custom and Off-the-Shelf

3. Primary and Secondary Supports and Surfaces

4. Specifying or Building a Seating System

5. Summary and Final Quiz


The purpose of this course is to introduce the steps and the components involved in meeting the client’s postural needs.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the levels of sitters
  • Describe the steps of the Seating System Process.
  • Understand the need to stabilize the pelvis first and then move-on to the rest of the body.
  • Identify Primary and Secondary Support Surfaces.
  • Understand the broad categories of seating systems.
  • Understand when Molded Seating is appropriate.

Don’t forget to refer to the book you purchased “Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide” for a lot of great information:

  • Types of Cushions: 52-56
  • Materials & Properties: 353-356
  • Back Support: 56-57