“What is sitting doing? Comorbidities and Medical Complexities of Mobility Device Users” Ashley Detterbeck, DPT, ATP/SMS Nicole LaBerge, PT, ATP

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Date: 12-14-23 at 4:00 pm ET

Credit: .1 CEU

Speakers: Ashley Detterbeck, DPT, ATP/SMS Nicole LaBerge, PT, ATP

Level: Intermediate

Prolonged sedentary behaviors such as sitting have long been toted as “bad for your health”. Studies have shown that there is an increase in diabetes, obesity, and cardiopulmonary issues among many others in those that live a sedentary existence. Weight bearing activities such as standing, and walking are often promoted to help curb this ongoing list of comorbidities but how does this apply to our patients/clients who don’t have access to such technology? In this webinar, we will discuss what we know about comorbidities and medical complexities in relation to our patients/clients and how we can work to promote changes in their everyday lives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the most common comorbidities seen in wheeled mobility users.
  • Discuss potential changes for wheeled mobility users to reduce prolonged sitting times.
  • Discuss barriers to access for power standing mobility.