“What Field-generated Data Tells Us About Wheelchair Repair, Maintenance, Failure, and Best Practice.” Jack Fried, M.S.

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Thursday 05-18-23 4:00 p.m. ET

.1 CEU – 1 hour course

Jack Fried, M.S.


The maintenance and repair of complex rehabilitation technologies (CRT) like manual and power wheelchairs are vital to assure users maintain mobility and access to home and community resources as well as prevent increased pain, pressure sores, and lack of function. A cross-disciplinary team lead by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh has analyzed large datasets of wheelchair component repair data to understand failure and repair trends and translate them into best practice. In this course, users, clinicians, technicians, and manufacturers alike will be able to learn about these trends and recommendations and how to apply them into their own work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify where real world wheelchair repair data comes from.
  • List the key trends in wheelchair failure and repair found from analysis of the dataset.
  • Describe how these trends in wheelchair failure and repair shape best practice for maintenance.