Christmas Memories

Christmas is such a magical time of year with loved ones coming together, giving and receiving gifts, enjoying festive food, dressing up and even encountering many surprises.

Our writer Emma Purcell – who has cerebral palsy and is registered blind – shares a blog post she wrote a few years ago about her favourite Christmas memories growing up with a disability.  

“It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade…” and in my world of disability, it’s full of wheelchairs, blurred vision, love and laughter.

Despite the challenges I face with my disabilities on a daily basis, I’ve grown up with fond and happy memories at Christmas time that I will treasure forever.

This blog post was originally a guest post titled My 5 favourite memories at Christmas on Scope’s community blog. This extended version with 10 memories was then published on my blog Rock For Disability the same year.

Here are my 10 favourite memories at Christmas…

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