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Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

One in every 6,000 babies is born with SMA. It is one of the most prevalent genetic disorders affecting young children and a major cause of death in infancy. SMA can strike children at any age. SMA in infancy and early childhood is associated with worse outcomes, while patients who develop symptoms later in childhood or in adolescence usually have a more positive prognosis.

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Pediatric client with manual wheelchair
Pediatric client with power wheelchair
Pediatric client with custom manual wheelchair
Pediatric client with adaptive stroller


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Four-wheeled scooter for worker with mobility issue (stable but less maneuverability)
If the appropriateness of a scooter is being considered for a client, such as a person with a heart or respiratory condition that limits endurance when walking, the team, including the CRT supplier, might ask the following questions:

  • Does the client have the balance and strength to safely and independently get on and off a scooter?
  • Is the client’s upper extremity strength, range of motion (ROM), tone, and coordination sufficient to operate the controls?
  • Can the client physically operate the tiller control of the scooter?
  • Is the client’s balance and stability sufficient to maintain an upright posture on the scooter seat?
  • Does the client’s environment offer sufficient space and accessibility to
    allow maneuverability of the scooter?
Three-wheeled scooter which has a smaller turning radius than a 4-wheel scooter (more maneuverable, less stable)

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Left Hemiplegia Right Hemiplegia
  • Decreased attention spanCan be VERY impulsive, unsafe, poor judgement
  • Speech and language problems: may have trouble understanding and/or expressing language



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  • Walking
  • Eating
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Toileting
  • Bathing or Showering
  • Transferring (getting in and out of bed or a chair)
Wheelchair Seating and Postural Support Systems
As you’ve learned in this course, a wheelchair solution aids not only with mobility but also in supporting the client in a seated posture or position. Just as  clients’ goals and needs for mobility might differ, their seating needs are likewise unique.Types of seating equipment:
Seating systems for wheelchairs

Seating systems for eating (eg, feeder seats)
Seating systems for bathing (eg, bath chairs)

Seating systems for transportation (eg, special needs car seats)
Systems for recreation (eg, joggers, sports chairs)
Systems for alternate positioning (eg, corner chairs, tilt table, standers, or
side lyers)
Provide postural support needed to be in positions other that sitting in a chair

  • Systems for beds (eg, sleep systems)
  • Additional postural supports (eg, back support, trunk support, headrests)
  • Provide support to the postural muscles needed for balance




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A child with cerebral palsy (CP) will grow up and get

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Decreased Attention Span Speeach and Language Problems
Table Table
Table Table
Table Table
Table Table