Bentley trying an evaluation power wheelchair the first time. He immediately grabbed the joystick and brought it towards him. (1:00)

Bentley trialing proximity switches embedded in a tray so that he could explore directional control. (1:31)

Joystick driving an evaluation power WC after demonstrating improved upper extremity control and understanding forward. (1:19)

Bentley showing purposeful direction, movement, and the ability to go where he intended.  This video was submitted after a denial of the power wheelchair and led to a subsequent approval. (2:03)

Bentley enjoys having independent mobility in the community where he likes to drive through stores with his parents. (0:30)

Bentley participated in the Peewee 4H where he showed his pet pig. (1:32)

Bentley loves helping around the house and doing chores. Grandpa added a hitch to haul wood and other various items. (0:28)

Bentley is able to fully transfer out of his power wheelchair independently. (0:17)

The ICS switch box moved to the front, allowing control of the seat elevator independently. Grandpa is helping him negotiate the power wheelchair up to the table. (048)

Bentley enjoys an increase in speed settings on his power wheelchair. (0:11)