Because you are a Registrant

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Because you are a NRRTS Registrant:

Your standing as a professional is greater because of your knowledge, experience, and commitment to the NRRTS Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

You are a person with recognized knowledge and experience in the field of complex rehab technology.

You are someone to be trusted in the eyes of the clinician to provide equipment that truly meets the patient’s medical needs.

You have access to all NRRTS CE Programs at no additional cost. The content has been developed by recognized experts in the field to broaden your knowledge.

Your feelings of confidence and self-worth are increased by knowing that NRRTS prmary objective is to promote and support the professional CRT Supplier.

Your referrals, customers, and funding sources recognize your personal commitment to the service and delivery of CRT.

You have the designation of RRTS or CRTS which looks good on your business card. These initials have no meaning outside of our profession so when asked what the letters mean, you have a chance to set yourself apart.

You know there is an organization of fellow professionals that are tracking new developments and advocating legislation to protect access to CRT.

We strive to provide our Registrants with the best information, education, and support! Learn more about NRRTS Registrants!

A special thanks goes out to Robert (Bob) Harry for his contribution to this article.