Vol 2 2019 CEU Article Protecting The Wheelchair On A Commercial Flight: How People From The Wheelchair Industry Can Help


Author Jessica Presperin Pedersen, OTD, MBA, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, FAOTA, RESNA Fellow
.1 CEU



This article provides information and tips about protecting a wheelchair when traveling on a commercial airline. Amendments to the Air Carrier Access Act are described as well as information regarding ticketing, tagging the wheelchair, communication about batteries, and how to protect the wheelchair.

Learning Outcomes:

1. The participant will be able to Identify two changes to the Air Carrier Access Act Amendment
2. The participant will be able to Identify two pieces of information to include on the wheelchair tag.
3. The participant will be able to state two to protect the wheelchair before it is moved from the jetway to the tarmac.

Dr. Jessica Presperin Pedersen is an occupational therapist with 40 years of experience. She founded one of the first seating clinics in Chicago in the early 80’s and has worked in several settings in the industry including clinical therapist, supplier, and educator for manufacturers. Jessica served on committees for RESNA, ILOTA, and AOTA advocating for wheelchair and seating services. She served as the first secretary for NRTTS. Jessica currently works as a research scientist at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and as an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Fienberg School of Medicine.