The Mat Exam


Date: 12/6/22

Credit: .1 CEU

Speaker: Kelly Waugh, PT, MAPT, ATP

Intermediate Level, Seating and Positioning, ATP/SMS Prep Content



The mat exam is one of the most important components of a Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Assessment. This webinar will provide the basics on this critical hands-on part of the physical assessment: what is it, who does it, when is it done, and why? After an introduction covering these key questions, we will review basic mat exam methodologies highlighting the significance of joint range of motion findings for wheelchair prescription. A summary will review how to translate supine range of motion values into the three primary body and seating system angles useful for seating prescription.

Ms. Waugh is a licensed Physical Therapist with 38 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist and educator, specializing in the area of complex rehabilitation technology (specifically Wheelchair Seating & Mobility and 24 Hour Posture Care & Management) for individuals with significant posture and mobility impairments. In addition to serving as Clinic Coordinator of the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE) Assistive Technology Clinic, Ms. Waugh continues to provide wheelchair seating and mobility assessments, fittings and consultations as well as nighttime positioning assessments with individuals of all ages.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to describe what the mat exam is and its purpose.

Participants will be able to identify what movement of the pelvis typically results when there is a limitation in hip and knee joint flexibility that is not accommodated (i.e. the limb has been moved beyond its end range).

Participants will be able to state the correct corresponding values when translating hip flexion, knee extension, and ankle dorsiflexion range of motion into the relevant body segment and seating system angles.