Ethics Part 2 CRT and The Professional RTS


Date: 5/14/20
Credit: .1 CEU
Presenter: Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS, NRRTS Executive Director
Ethics, Beginner Level



It is vital that CRT Suppliers understand their role in the provision of Complex Rehab Technology. NRRTS and RESNA have defined the Standard of Practice. The Wheelchair Service Provision Guide developed by RESNA provides the framework for the essential steps in the provision of CRT. These resources will be discussed to give the participant working knowledge of their role in the process.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to describe the NRRTS Standard of Practice.
The participant will be able to describe the importance of Best Practice for the CRT Supplier.
The participant will be able to identify situations that cross the ethical line.

Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS was a CRT Supplier for over 25 years working with children and adults. She was an active NRRTS Registrant, Professional Standards Board of RESNA member, GAMES Board member and is now Executive Director of NRRTS. Weesie Walker is a NRRTS Fellow. She has presented at ISS, RESNA, Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, NSM Symposium, GAMES and AOTA Conference.