Entering the World of Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs – Who? Why? When?


1/15/20 at 11 am EST
.1 CEU – Christie Hamstra, PT, MSPT, DPT, ATP
Sponsored by Motion Composites
Seating and Positioning, ATP/SMS Prep Content, Intermediate Level



A variety of manufactures produce power add-on devices for manual wheelchairs, but they are not all the same. There is variation in how they attach to the wheelchair, how the user manipulates the device, functional level required by the user as well as how the device performs in alternative environments. In this presentation, we will review power assist devices on the market today, comparing and contrasting advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to assess for functional and environmental demands.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to describe 2 ways power assist can enhance client goals.
The participant will be able to compare and contrast 3 different types of power assisted mobility.
The participant will be able to list 2 formal or informal assessments to determine a clients’ eligibility for a power assist device.

Christie is a Clinical Education Specialist with Motion Composites and has experience as both a Physical Therapist and ATP in the area of seating and mobility and wheelchair prescriptions. Christie received her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Andrews University, and a transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Oakland University. As Christie has worked in the realm of seating and mobility in many settings, she brings her expertise and passion to share with fellow clinicians. Christie has provided education in multiple areas of the United States, as well as The European Seating Symposium and CSMC in Canada.