Custom Molding- Stepping Outside the Molding Box


Credits: .1 CEU
Presenter: Lindsey Veety, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS



Have you ever thought an off-the-shelf seating solution would not be enough, yet not been sure where to turn next? Have you stuck with a specific custom molded seating manufacturer, just because it is what you know best? This session will focus on making the best custom molded choices for the client. The session will cover the importance of a thorough clinical evaluation and why this is a vital first step to obtain the necessary information to make the best decision. Next, different molded seating manufacturers, resources and systems will be compared and contrasted; including what each has to offer, why a team may pick one manufacturer over another in specific situations, and when a creative outside-of-the-box solution is needed. Finally, assessment tips for working with custom molded seating will be covered.

Learning Outcomes:

Describe 3 benefits of a thorough clinical evaluation on the custom molding process
Describe 3 differences between the different molding companies’ systems
List 2 outcomes used to evaluate a client to determine a successful custom molded seat and how they link to each companies custom molded seating systems

Lindsey is a Physical Therapist with 16 years’ experience, who specializes in working with individuals with special needs, wheelchairs, seating and assistive technology. She is a RESNA certified ATP/SMS and has completed her NDT training. She has presented at ISS, ATIA, Closing the Gap, NYCATE, the New York State CP conference, as well as instructed several IACET accredited courses combining seating/positioning and adaptations/access to the environment.