Course 1: The Role of the Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) Supplier


Credit: .2 CEU
There is no discount for this course.


Credit: .2 CEUs – NOTE: There are no discounts offered for this course.

CRT Suppliers need diverse knowledge to provide the best outcomes. This self-paced course takes the participant through an overview of types of people who use CRT,  what is required of a supplier, what the supplier’s role is and what types of equipment are included in the CRT category. This base of knowledge is critical for anyone wanting to become a professional supplier.

Learning Outcomes:

List typical diagnoses of people who use CRT.
Understand the process of evaluating client’s needs based on activities of daily living.
Describe the history of CRT.
Describe a mobility needs assessment.
List the objectives of the physical evaluation.
Describe the members of the evaluation team and their roles
Explain the duties of the CRT Supplier in the provision of seating and mobility.