Battery Technologies


Date: 7/22/21

Credit: .1 CEU

Speaker: Larry Carter, Regional Sales Manager and HME

Sponsored by MK Battery

Business Practice, Beginner Level



This course will teach the participant how to identify battery chemistry utilized in mobility, determine which chemistry is appropriate for a specific device/application, determine charger type for the application as well as, testing, safety and tools.

Learning Outcomes:

The participant will be able to determine which chemistry is utilized in specific applications. I.E. – Where to utilize GEL and where to utilize AGM.

The participant will be able to correctly identify which type of charger is to be utilized for for each chemistry I.E. – GEL vs. AGM

The participant will be able to effectively utilize battery testing tools, identify safety hazards and prevent serious injury while working with batteries.

Larry Carter wears several hats with MK Battery. He is a Regional Sales team member covering 7 Southern US states; the Category Manager for MK Battery’s Elevator/Lift division and the company’s National Training Manager, handling on-board and continued education training for MK’s Regional Sales Team. Larry has worked within the battery industry for over 35 years and in March celebrated 25 years with MK Battery.

Larry has an extensive knowledge of various battery technologies and applications including but not limited to sealed VRLA batteries as used in deep cycle/mobility and other critical power applications.