FOCUS: Pediatric Power & Early Intervention

NRRTS FOCUS Press Release

FOCUS publication is dedicated to all the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) professionals who are providing early intervention services and technology. Nothing is more rewarding that enabling independent mobility for children with disabilities. Numerous studies show far-reaching benefits beyond functional goals such as social development and language skills. The articles, case studies and clinical perspectives contained here demonstrate the effort put forth by the seating and mobility team to provide the best outcomes.

The return on this investment is immeasurable. And that is what CRT is all about.
Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS, NRRTS Executive Director

Thanks to everyone who contributed and worked to make this publication happen… with a special thanks to our advertisers who believed in our concept enough to put their money where their mouths are. Please click here to see a list of FOCUS advertisers.


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FOCUS: Pediatric Power & Early Intervention Full Issue

Introductions From the NRRTS Office

Clinical Perspective CEU Article
The Time is Now: Supporting Power Mobility in Young Children Who Have Mobility Limitations

Lisa Kenyon, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS

A Look Ahead
What Pediatric Power Mobility Needs in the Future

Sam Logan, Ph.D.

Pediatric Power Mobility
Pediatric Power Wheelchairs: A Comparison or Available Options

A compilation

Products and Features: Augmented Power Mobility
Let’s Go Baby Go!

Andrina Sabet, PT, ATP

Life On Wheels
Power Mobility: The Key to My Successful Childhood

Jenny Siegle, BA

Parent’s Perspective
A Parent’s Perspective on Pediatric Power Mobility

Michelle Lange, OTR.L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

Rehab Case Study
Pediatric Power Mobility. Case Study: Lydia

Stefanie Laurence, OT Reg. (Ont)

Clinical Perspective
Teamwork and Consensus Building

Lisa Rotelli

Documentation & Funding Considerations for Pediatric Power Mobility

Jennith Bernstein, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS & Jim Stephenson