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Seating and Positioning Webinars help you understand concepts and skills at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level

Active Sitting:Positioning Adaptive Seating for Sitting Postural Control

Speaker: Lori Potts, PT

ATP Prep Content, Seating and Positioning, Beginner Level – Sponsored by Rifton

What about the Trunk?

Speakers: Lindsay Alford, BSc. OT & Cheryl Hon, B. A, M. OT

ATP Prep Content, Seating and Positioning, Medical Terminology, Intermediate Level

Buttocks Shape Across Wheelchair Cushions

Speaker: Sharon Eve Sonenblum, PhD

Medical Terminology, Seating and Positioning,  ATP/SMS Prep Content, Intermediate

Challenges to Seating and Positioning in Long Term Care Settings

Speaker: Ana Endsjo, MOTR/L, CLT

Seating and Positioning, Best Business Practice, ATP Prep Content, Intermediate ~ Sponsored by Permobil

Seat Cushion Shape for Pelvic Control in Neuromotor Issues

Jean Anne Zollars, PT, DPT, MA

Seating and Positioning, ATP/SMS Prep Content, Intermediate/Advanced