Corporate Friend of NRRTS (NO PAYMENT)

Corporate Friend of NRRTS Application (NO PAYMENT)


  • A Corporate Friend of NRRTS (CFON) is a manufacturer or CRT Supplier involved in the rehabilitation technology industry that distribute its products through a supplier network or a CRT Supplier.

    A CFON must be sponsored by a NRRTS Registrant in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors of The National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers as meeting all standards and requirements. The annual fee is $1500.

  • Five (5) complimentary FON affiliations (IFONs have access to NRRTS Education at 50% off and can participate on the NRRTS Listserve and a subscription to DIRECTIONS Magazine)
  • CFON corporate logo with hot link to corporate CFON web site on
  • Right of First Refusal on Event Sponsorships
  • CFON corporate logo on the back cover of DIRECTIONS Magazine.

  • I recommend the company noted above is an asset to our industry and will be an honorable CFON.
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  • (Proposed) Corporate Friend of NRRTS information

  • Complimentary Corporate Friends of NRRTS affiliations

    Please provide name and contact information for the (5) complimentary Corporate Friends of NRRTS affiliations.
  • Proposal will not be processed without signature of proposer, CFON primary contact and Date.
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