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Complex rehab technology includes medically necessary individually configured manual and power wheelchair systems, adaptive seating systems, alternative positioning systems, and other mobility devices that require evaluation, fitting, design, adjustment and programming. This type of technology is designed to meet the specific and unique medical and functional needs of an individual living with disability.

In December, Congress passed H.R. 1865. The bill included provisions that permanently protect Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchairs from the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program. In additon, this legislation stops Medicare from inappropriately applying Competitively Bid rates to components (aka accessories) of Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchairs for 18 months. Education is the key to success!

What's next? A separate benefit category for Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) must be established within the Medicare program.

Through open discussion, we create better awareness of the needs we face daily. We come together each month to discuss strategies as we continue to work to ensure appropriate access to Complex Rehab Technology.

Join us as we bridge the gap between the perception and the reality of living with a disability.

As CRT Users, we UNITE with suppliers, manufacturers, clinicians, caregivers, family, and friends in monthly Virtual Town Hall meetings to share our stories in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Let’s make a difference!

For people with disabilities, and especially wheelchair users, COVID-19 poses unique challenges because wheelchairs are touched frequently and in many places. Karen Roy, Madonna Long, Jenny Siegle, Kyle Romano, and Andrew Davis will lead a discussion with tips for wheelchair users to keep in mind when taking care of their mobility equipment and staying healthy in the environment around them.

Important Dates

  • May 13th at 6 pm ETVirtual Happy Hour
  • May 20th at 6 pm ETVirtual Happy Hour
  • May 26th at 7 pm ETTown Hall Meeting - Disability Friendly Smart Homes at an Affordable Price
  • June 23rd at 7 pm ETTown Hall Meeting


Andrew Davis

“You ask my why I advocate? I advocate because I have seen the difference CRT equipment makes in my life compared to lesser quality equipment. My wheelchair is specially configured for me and as a result, I live independently.”

Jenny Siegle

“Advocating for access to complex rehab technology has become a very important part of my life. The work that I do not only benefits myself, but others in similar situations and others that might not know they will need to utilize that type of equipment sometime in their lives.”

Kyle Romano

“If we don’t fight for our rights to CRT, nobody else will. In addition, it’s up to us to explain CRT to the able-bodied population. If our bills are to have success in the house and senate, we’ll need everybody’s support.”

Tools You Can Use

Videos include:

  • What CRT?
  • Wheelchair Tours
  • Tough Funding Conversations with Jill Monger
  • Town Hall Meeting with Tom Hetzel
  • Town Hall Meeting with Cathy Carver
  • Town Hall Meeting - Get to Know Us


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