C8 L3. Scenario #3 and Knowledge Check

Please carefully read the scenario and answer the question below. When you are finished, move on to the next scenario.

ICF Reminder

Decreased participation is how the limitations affect the client’s ability to participate in activities that they need or want to do. Our job is to facilitate participation with equipment such as cook a meal, dress, grocery shop.

Environmental factors and Personal factors (“contextual”)

  • Environmental factors can include social attitudes, architectural characteristics, climate, terrain, etc.
  • Personal factors can include gender, age, coping styles, social background, education, past and current experience, overall behavior pattern, character.
Scenario #3
  • This client is requesting a powered wheelchair, but environmental and transportation factors do not support the request. The family lives in a third floor walk-up apartment. Currently, they separately carry the client and the manual wheelchair up the stairs
  • This client is capable of operating a powered wheelchair.

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