BOGO Offer for NRRTS Education

NRRTS recognizes that quality education is critical for the professional rehab technology supplier. We are committed to offering this benefit to NRRTS Registrants, Friends of NRRTS, and other CRT Professionals through our NRRTS Continuing Education Program. Our goal is to become a primary source of relevant, cost-effective educational programming and information in the industry and profession.

SPECIAL Buy One-Get One Free Offer thru 12/31/19

  1. Browse our Course Libraries
  2. Select your title by choosing View Webinar or Article, Take the Course, Add to Cart. You will see the discount at check-out.
  3. Set up your account (Registrants and FONS already have an account – contact us for log-in)
  4. Log in. Go to Enrolled Courses. Click on the course name, view the webinar or read the article. Complete the Quiz!
  5. After completion, your certificates will be stored in the Learning Portal.

We strive to meet the needs of our learners through our diverse education program, which includes Live Webinars, On-Demand Webinars, and Clinical Perspective Articles for CEUs.

Live webinars offer a chance to interact and ask questions during the presentation. You will be provided with opportunities to learn from the experiences of our expert presenters. Many webinars provide case studies and real-world examples of situations and issues you face daily. You can benefit from conversation and experiences of others when you register and attend our live webinars.

With almost 50 webinars in our On-Demand Library, you can find interesting and relevant information on a variety of CRT topics. On-Demand Webinars are a recorded version of our live webinars. They can be ordered through our On-Demand Library and viewed on your own schedule. Many people take advantage of the vast selection of pertinent topics that can be viewed any time, any place!

All NRRTS Registrants receive education at no cost. Friends of NRRTS (FONS) receive education at half price ($22.50).

For more information on becoming a Registrant, visit our Registrant page.